You’ve truly no idea what to expect, or do you?

Marie had never set foot in an airplane before when she took off on a city break to destination unknown. In fact, she had never been abroad. Yet, she had every confidence in this big adventure. Despite the fact she didn’t know her destination, she did know what to expect from So what could Marie expect exactly? srprs.consultant Danielle booked her getaway and now walks you through it.

✓ You are always able to slightly influence your trip. For example, where you lay your head after a long day exploring: low budget in a dormitory or a luxury room all for yourself. Choose to go to your favourite part of Europe. Or, would you rather leave that decision up to us? It’s your choice.

We pick your destination. This decision goes as far as noting where we send you off to in the past and whether you excluded a city. We’re then set to select your spontaneous city, bearing in mind that your destination is safe. Your destination could be well-known or lesser-known, one thing is for sure it’ll be unknown to you, waiting for your discovery.

Your flight and accommodation get sorted by us. Have we heard a good story about an airline we’ve chosen? It doesn’t necessarily have to be the cheapest or most expensive. They just need to be well-known and trustworthy. It’s simple really, where would we want to wake up ourselves? We wouldn’t want to stay somewhere grubby, so we certainly don’t expect you to. Are you a bit further out from the city centre? Then you easily hop on a bus or take the tube! These are questions that will be answered by one of our well-travelled colleagues and/or probing reviews on the web.

✓ A month before departure you’ll know what time you’ll have to be at the airport. With the latter information, you’ll also get to know your baggage allowance (which can differ per airline). Travelling outside of Europe? Require vaccinations? We’ll share you destination with your GP, without giving the game away. You’ll have plenty of time to arrange this too.

✓ A week before departure you’ll receive your first and only clue to your destination; the weather forecast. Now starts the speculation, also, it’s never a bad thing to know what to bring along with you.

✓ Keep an eye on your post. A couple of days before you head off, a scratchcard will arrive! Scratch away, you’ll reveal a code which is key to discovering your destination. Try to resist the temptation to open this before you get to the airport. It’s well worth the wait, trust us.

✓ Revealing your destination brings a ton of excitement and anticipation, it’s for this reason that we’ve usually already checked you in for your flights beforehand. So you’re just left to take it all in! A black envelope will contain your boarding passes. Your envelope hasn’t arrived? No fear. This is because we were unable to check you in in advance. Pop over to your airline desk and you can do that right away. Regardless, you’ll receive all your important details about your flight, such as flight number and the airlines name via email, as soon as you unlock!

Travel to and from the airport isn’t included in the trip. However, we’ll ensure your accommodation is easily accessible from the airport. You can use the route planning website after unlocking your destination to find the best way to get to your accommodation & an estimated cost.

✓ Once you get off the plane and hit the ground at your destination, it’s all up to you! No rules, no planned guided tours or dinners already scheduled. However, does something unexpected happen for which you desperately need our help? Just give us a call. Day and night! We obviously hope that you don’t need to use our helpline, but we’re here for you when you need us.

We’d love to hear about all your surprising adventures once you’re back. We hope for exciting ones, but even if your trip was less-exciting than anticipated we’ll get in touch with you by phone to ask why so.

Ready for take off?



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