”Five wondrous voyages in one year”

It was a year filled with memorable experiences. For a whopping five times has Heidi taken the leap of faith to step on a plane to destination unknown. A couple of times she went away with her friends, other times she decided to go solo. “I still have butterflies in my tummy every time I’m off.”

“Sleeping in a hostel on some destination that someone else picked out for you? As odd as it may sound, I find it quite addictive. Given my full-time job, travelling for me is the ideal way to hang loose every now and then. That’s why I chose to go on a 3-day city break every month for half a year. It was truly amazing and has left me with countless of memories.

The best one of all was the night when I chatted the night away on a terrace with seven people from all corners of the globe whom I had just met. The terrace was filled with the most exotic plants and trees. Add to that the most delicious cocktails and a mesmerizing sunset and the picture is complete. It was a night I’ll surely never forget.

Some of my travels were with friends, but there were also times when I preferred to embark on a solo journey. It can really be invigorating to travel alone. You can totally do your own thing, at your own pace, when you want to. And believe me, the moments when you are really on your own are fairly scarce. When you’re open to it, you can meet a ton of people. I lost track of how many times I’ve hung out with locals: on planes, at hostels…I even had a cup of coffee with a local at the airport.

During all of my trips, I had one life motto: ‘Por que no?’ meaning ‘why not?’ For example, when I booked my srprs.trip, or when I signed up for some challenging – if not to say nerve wrecking – activity, I thought to myself: why not? I can do this!

Having been on a srprs.trip five times now, I can honestly say that the excitement and surprise factor don’t fade one bit. No matter how often you have been srprs-ed, the elation remains. Of course the very first time was more enthralling than the fifth time, but that sizzling feeling in my belly keeps coming back.”

Heidi. 20 years of age



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