10 reasons why you need a srprs.trip in your life

Well, here it is. Another list from another company telling you 10 reasons why you should change your life. And you know what? You might just need this particular list more than you could ever imagine.

1. It’s a holiday with a twist!
We’ve all experienced that wonderful ‘build-up to our holiday’’ excitement…  Now multiply that feeling by 100! Whether it’s a romantic getaway, a bank holiday weekend, a summer holiday – add to the excitement by leaving the destination a surprise untill you get to the airport!

2. Be more spontaneous
Practically every year, this ends up on my New Year’s Resolution list. It’s easy to get lost in routine, whether that’s in work, friendships, relationships or just life in general. Often the best way to revitalise a dimming flame, is to take the plunge and do something spontaneous – and what’s more spontaneous than letting someone else organise your  holiday?

3. It takes the hassle out of everything
When was the last time you handed the ‘control freak’ keys over to someone else? You’ll realise just how refreshing it is not having to do hours and hours of research! All you do is pick your date, duration and accommodation style and the rest is done for you. (Not quite ready to completely hand over the keys? Lucky you, there’s also an option to choose where you roughly want to end up.)

4. Onbevangenheid (pronounced “On-Be-Vang-En-Hite”)
There is no direct translation into English from this Dutch word, however it roughly means ‘a childlike sense of wonder’. Remember when you were a child going somewhere for the first time, you had no preconceived ideas of what to expect, no judgements, no list of things you need to ‘tick off’ because someone told you so. Just pure excitement. This feeling is what the team at srprs.me are bringing back to travel. By leaving expectations behind, you can experience a city with a fresh sense of wonder. 

5. It’s something really cool to tell your friends
We love to share our holiday snaps with our friends and family. Is #HowsYourMonday maybe the most depressing thing to see on Insta but also perhaps the most satisfying thing to post? Well, imagine how jealous you can make everyone, live streaming yourself finding out your where you’re going at the airport! #srprsme

6. Get out of your comfort zone
There’s actually a lot of science that explains why it’s so hard to break out of your comfort zone, and why it’s good for you when you do it! It’s proven breaking out of your comfort zone will make you more productive, better at dealing with unexpected changes and have a stronger ability to harness your creativity! So why not test the waters by being like Bas from srprs.me, who takes a different route to work on his bike once a week. Keeps him sharp as a knife when it comes to thinking up new, creative ideas at the srprs.office!

7. Give the ultimate gift – a surprise within a surprise
Finding a gift that’s unique, thoughtful, exciting and within your price range can be nigh on impossible, so luckily there’s something that covers all of those things. Of course buying yourself a holiday is great an’ all, but did you know buying one (or part of one) for your special someone is even better? Struggling to get mum and dad a Christmas Present? Friends big 3-0 coming up? Wanna win the partner of the year award on Valentines day? – We got you covered. It may just make you the favourite person at the birthday party – and hey they may even take you with them. (hint hint)

8. Make a special occasion even more special
Girls holiday. Lads trip. Hen party. Birthday weekend. New Years getaway. Romantic valentines celebrations. Your hamster’s birthday (oh wait shit you can’t take a hamster with you…)
Why not give your special getaway even more OOMPF by adding this awesome twist to the holiday?

9. There is a style to fit every traveller
We know everyone is different (well at least we are) – Some of us are fancy flashpackers, some of us hostel hunnies – one thing we all have in common is we love exploring this b-e-a-utiful world! So when booking your srprs.trip you get to choose an accomodation style that floats your boat and your budget. All the way from a shared room in a hostel to a boutique B&B and even some special edition trips that we have on offer now and again! (stay tuned!)

10. When was the last time you were truly surprised?
There are only a few times in life we get truly surprised and we often have to rely on the goodwill of others! Well, this time being surprised is in your hands! Kinda. So it’s about time you treat yourself to that exhilarating, irreplicable, feeling of being surprised.

Think this sounds just like the experience you’re looking for? Go ahead and dive into your adventure headfirst.

Ready for your srprs.adventure?



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