We want you to #sharethesrprs

‘What is the best feeling in the world?’ .... It’s quite the question right? Quite a lovely question in fact. A question that in its essence encourages a nostalgic sift through the archives of some of your most treasured memories in order to drum up some sort of answer. *cue head tilt and a thought bubble*

A few possible contenders:

  • Stepping off an airplane and feeling a blast of warm air hitting you square in the face, as if you were opening the oven doors to check on your garlic bread. Somehow there is always a smell that’s associated with this feeling too. The smell of a summer holiday. – It’s giving you butterflies just thinking about it, isn’t it?
  • Getting home after the longest day, getting into your pajamas, popping your slippers on, making a cup of tea (or pouring a glass of red… ) and flopping down on your couch. – I can almost hear you saying ‘ahhhh’!
  • Discovering you haven’t smashed your phone after an accidental drop, a slow motion ‘noooooooo’ and it hitting the ground screen down like a piece of buttered toast. – *sighhhhhhh of relief*
  • The smell of home.

Any of these hit that sentimental sweet spot for you?

Of course, we know the answer…It’s why we get up in the morning! It’s why we have an office of 60 srprs.makers. It’s why our CEO lives and breaths for srprs.me. It’s the wonderful, magical, unparalleled feeling of making someone else happy… Surprising someone!

So there you have it –  the best feeling in the world – surprising someone! We’re lucky enough to experience this feeling every single day and we’d like you to be able to experience it too. Which is why we’ve launched #sharethesrprs for the month of May.

For every booking made this month, you’ll receive a  £20 gift card to share with a loved one. How better to show someone you love them, then with the ultimate gift – a surprise within a surprise!

Start my adventure  

We’ll also be sharing lots of stories, bound to tug on those heartstrings, from our travellers about how they’ve #sharethesrprs. So stay tuned, stay happy, stay surprised.



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