Mates Month is here

So Meghan Markle’s friend set her up with a Prince… Selena Gomez’s friend gave her a Kidney… what have you done for mates recently?  Forced that extra double vodka on them last Friday?... yeh we feel bad about that too.

We’re not in the business of kidneys or princes, but hey, here’s how you can get some brownie points.

Until the end of June we are celebrating all things mates and have a mega deal in honour of this bestie bonanza. During our mates month, not only does it have any added value to your srprs.trip, it also means added value to your purse:

Bring 1 mate get £ 40 off your booking
Bring 2 mates get £ 60 off your booking
Bring 3 mates get £ 120 off your booking
Bring 4 mates get £ 150 off your booking
Bring 5 mates get £ 240 off your booking
Bring 6 mates get £ 280 off your booking
Bring 7 mates get £ 400 off your booking
Bring 8 mates get £ 450 off your booking !!

That’s right, bring 8 mates and spend that £ 450 at destination unknown instead. That’s around 12.5 beers EACH! Could you rest up your Ocean’s 8 to score yourself this deal?

Simply quote “Mates Month” in the comments box when booking and we’ll do the rest.

And it’s Mates Month, it’s also the first time we’re introducing a limited Special Edition trip. Think but with even more of a twist! We present you …. drum roll …. SURF ‘N BEACH

Included in this limited once in a lifetime product is:
– Your flights to and from your (from your desired airport and times)
– 5 days in an awesome European surf city
– 4 nights in a super cool surf hostel
– A secret srprs surfing destination at the airport
– Optional surf lessons for surfers or any level

Mix that together with the Mates Month and you’re not refuse! So that board and grab your besties for a summer you’ll never forget.

Ready for your srprs.adventure?




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