Meet Me Halfway

One of your friends probably tagged you in a Facebook post with this awesome short video of two people running into each other’s arms, which looked sort of cute, but you had no clue what it was all about. We don’t blame you since it was all in Dutch (we agree that it’s kind of a silly language), but no worries we’d love to explain to you what this theme is all about and why your friend is so excited.

A little disclaimer, we are a company called, which means that we book srprs.trips without telling you your destination. You only find out where you are going once you arrive at the airport.

So what’s the idea of this ‘Meet Me Halfway’?

You want to go on a srprs.trip with your favourite person but he or she lives abroad. You might think that the party ends right here, right now, but what if we tell you it doesn’t? It lives to go on! Because, with ‘Meet me Halfway’ you’ll get to meet up with that friend (or friends) in a SURPRISE city destination, while leaving from different starting points! Woohoo!

That sounds almost too good to be true, tell me more!

Run into each other’s arms at destination unknown!
– Want to exclude a city? No problem.
– Your travel buddy is a cert, (hello,it’s your friend). Your destination however, is a surprise.
– Let us know your accommodation preference. Hotel or Hostel?

Amazing, but what’s included?

We arrange:
– A city trip to a European city
– Your flights (which include one piece of hand luggage pp)
– Top accommodation!
– Flight times that are as convenient as possible. We try our hardest to match your arrival and departure times as best as possible. However, it can happen that you have to wait for the other person to arrive.
– A safe destination.

You arrange:
– Valid proof of identity/travel document (Passport or ID card)
– Transfers to your accommodation and back
– All your meals! So lots of freedom for choice.
– Any extra activities
– Travel and cancellation insurance
– Tourist tax which is sometimes applicable and paid on the spot at arrival
– Make sure you are able to be at the airport at least 2 hours ahead of your flight. During holiday seasons we might ask you to be at the airport 3 hours ahead due to long waits/queuing.



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